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Nabaltec is a worldwide leading producer of synthetic raw materials. These are: aluminas (NABALOX®), ready-to-press ceramic bodies (GRANALOX®), aluminas for polishing (NABALOX®) and synthetic sintered mullites (SYMULOX®).
As a result of our wide range of calcined and reactive aluminas, Nabaltec AG is a respected supplier of refractory raw materials produced to a high-quality standard. For the production of a new class of no-cement-castables NABACAST®, an innovative
cement-free binder based on reactive alumina was developed by Nabaltec AG. The products of the NABACAST® product
line simultaneously fulfill several of the desired functions in a castable and act as a binder, a micro-filler and a deflocculant.

NABACAST® is a novel hydraulic binder that reacts with water under the formation of hydrates which causes consolidation of the refractory concrete.

With its small particle size < 3 ?m NABACAST® can fulfill the same function as reactive alumina in established, cement containing formulations.

There is no need of a supplementary addition of deflocculant.

NABACAST® contains only alumina and magnesia.
This makes it possible to produce unshaped refractory products containing only the refractory phases of corundum and

As a result of its completely CaO-free phase constitution,NABACAST® exhibits an optimal chemical resistance.
By using NABACAST® the life time expectancy of refractory parts which are exposed to corrosive slag attack can be improved significantly.

NABACAST® has the ability to simultaneously replace several recipe components of an ordinary cement-containing formulation.

By targeted mixing of NABACAST® products with different setting rates the processability of a NABACAST® concrete can be precisely adjusted.

NABACAST®-bonded refractory materials do not form a liquid phase at temperatures up to 1700 °C.
This guarantees excellent characteristics regarding hot modulus of rupture and refractoriness under load.