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The business unit Flame Retardant Fillers of Nabaltec AG develops, produces and distributes halogen-free, flame retardant fillers on the basis of Aluminium hydroxide, trade name APYRAL®, as well as on the basis of Magnesium hydroxide, trade name APYMAG®.

These halogen-free flame retardant fillers are used in a wide range of areas to make plastic products safer in an environmentally friendly manner without compromising the product performance of the consumer product.

Nabaltec is one of the leading manufacturers of fine precipitated aluminium hydroxides that impart unique processing advantages making them ideal for the in the cable and insulation material industries.

Specialty products tailored to suit the needs of our customers in a variety of applications complement our standard halogen-free flame retardant filler product line.
One such application is halogen-free synthetic resin processing where we are amongst the leading suppliers.

The wide range of different fillers offered by the BU Fillers of Nabaltec indicates our commitment to supply optimized and advantageous products to our customers.

With the establishment of Nashtec L.P., a joint venture in association with Sherwin Alumina in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, Nabaltec has broadened its international presence.

This expanded manufacturing capability will enable enhanced response to our customers needs in the Americas and Asia while securing a competitive operating position within the marketplace.