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The boehmite grades or aluminium oxide hydrates (AOH) produced by Nabaltec AG are sold under the trade name APYRAL® AOH.

Beside the use as raw material in the catalyst production for petrol refinery, APYRAL® AOH grades of Nabaltec AG are gaining more and more importance as environment friendly halogen-free flame-retardant in polymer applications requiring higher processing temperatures, e.g. printed circuit boards. APYRAL® AOH also can be handled without problems at temperatures up to 320°C.

Its high capacity (cP=1,54 J/gK at 500K/227°C) combined with high temperature stability make it ideal for use in electrical insulating heat skinks.

A very high whiteness in conjunction with the extreme fineness and very good dispersion properties make APYRAL® AOH interesting as white pigment.