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Magnesium hydroxide (APYMAG)
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The magnesium hydroxide grades manufactured by Nabaltec AG are sold under the trade name of APYMAG®.

APYMAG® 30,APYMAG® 30S, APYMAG® 40, APYMAG® 40S, APYMAG® 60,APYMAG® 60S,APYMAG® 80 and APYMAG® 80S are natural magnesium hydroxides which are generally referred to simply as brucite following their crystal modification. These fillers are produced by mining and subsequent grinding to the various particle sizes. APYMAG grades ending with “S” are surface-treated with stearic acid.

The chemical purity of these products is around 90% magnesium hydroxide. Due to accompanying calcium carbonate and calcium silicate compounds. APYMAG® 30, 40, 60, 80 are slightly less effective as flame retardants than chemical pure magnesium hydroxides.