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Aluminium Oxide (Nabalox)
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Produktdaten NABALOX K85
Produktdaten Weichkalzinate
Produktdaten Polieroxide
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The ceramic raw materials business unit produces a wide range of special aluminum oxides, sold under the trade mark NABALOX®, which is active in the application fields of refractorines, technical/engineering ceramics and the polishing industry. NABALOX®-products are also used in the building and electrical industries, along with medical technologies.

Due to the outstanding homogeneity of the manufactured products, NABALOX® raw materials are characterised by their highly consistent properties. This provides significant advantages in their mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties along with a good price to performance ratio. These characteristics make the NABALOX® aluminas the ideal raw material for the international ceramics industry.

The most important parameters of NABALOX®-aluminum oxides are:

  • Grain size distribution

  • Primary crystallite size

  • Specific surface (BET)

  • Chemical purity

In shaped and unshaped refractory applications the ground, reactive and super reactive NABALOX® special oxides are characterised by an extremely narrow and homogeneous shrinkage. NABALOX® enables a wide processing window and a significant reduction in water demand. The new generation of reactive aluminas lowers the production costs and raises the efficiency and life-time of the refractory solutions of our customers.

For advanced ceramics with demanding or specific application needs NABALOX®-oxides offer reproducible materials and cost savings with a maximum of processing safety.

Typical characteristics include:

  • reduced sintering temperatures

  • high sintered densities and defined shrinkage

  • an increase in mechanical strength of the ceramic materials

  • excellent thermal fatigue and corrosion resistance

As an "immediate" product that is ready for pressing, Nabaltec also offers the GANALOX® product family range according to defined material classes.