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The Ceramic Raw Materials business unit within Nabaltec AG combines the production of calcined aluminium oxides - NABALOX® and DENTOLOX® - and sintered mullites - SYMULOX®.

The name and breadth of the business unit indicates that over 30 alumina qualities and products are manufactured for the traditional ceramics and fine ceramics industries. However, further specialization also allows non-ceramic applications, such as, for example, surface finishing/refining or the use in friction liners to increase safety and driving comfort.

With a variety of grinding units and additional refining steps, the business division can significantly adjust the NABALOX® qualities and characteristics to meet individual customer requirements.

The mullite qualities SYMULOX® M72 and Z72 - synthetic raw materials of high purity - also have their application areas within and outside the ceramics industry. In addition to the standard grain ranges that are offered, customers may also ask for more individualized grain size distributions to meet their demands.

Our Department of Applications Technology and Development constantly endeavour to implement and realize customer requests or even develop new products in partnership with our customers - after all, customer satisfaction is a measure of our competence.

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