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Ceramic Bodies (GRANALOX)
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Based on its own range of aluminium oxides, Nabaltec offers, under the designation GRANALOX®, ready-formulated ceramic bodies with Al2O3 contents in the range from 92 % to 99.7 % in compliance with the materials classes C 786, C 795 and C 799 of the standard DIN EN 60672-1. The aluminium oxide raw materials are selected for each product on the basis of Nabaltec's long experience in various fields in the ceramics and refractories industry. Doping the synthetic raw materials with the specifically required mineral components optimizes the ceramic bodies for various applications.

Nabaltec offers ceramic bodies based on aluminium oxides which are suited for various forming procedures, with a focus on the uniaxial and isostatic dry pressing process. These GRANALOX® products are adjusted to be ready for processing by means of the organic additives required, and can be processed into ceramic moulds. Depending on the prevailing processing conditions, Nabaltec is able to offer additional, individual binder variants as a customized service.

As to their pressing and sintering properties, the ceramic bodies made by Nabaltec are subject to continuous inspection by determination of their green and sintered density, shrinkage, porosity, loss on ignition and grain size of the granules. They can be customized in terms of grain size, bulk density and humidity.

Based on the GRANALOX® range of ceramic bodies for dry-pressing, Nabaltec offers a range of products whose composition is specifically adapted to wet-ceramic or plastic forming procedures. These are homogeneous blends of finely milled ceramic powder premixes of different aluminium contents, whose portion of organic additives has been reduced against the dry pressing recipes to an extent which enables straightforward subsequent adaptation of the binder systems to the envisaged processing technology. Thus, special attention was payed to maximum flexibility for our customers, who thus are capable of incorporating the requested plasticizers themselves, as required.

Besides dry-pressing, GRANALOX® products can also be used for the following shaping technologies:

- slip casting
- pressure casting
- tape casting
- extrusion
- thermoplastic injection moulding

Nabaltec also provides its own long experience in the ceramic processing of aluminium oxides and the know-how that it has acquired for subcontracting jobs for aluminium oxide bodies, according to customer's specific requirements. Appropriate quality and confidentiality agreements can be concluded on demand.

Ceramic bodies free of binder

Nabaltec offers ceramic bodies with different alumina content as free-of-binder grades. With the addition of necessary amount of water (approx. 20 %) these grades can directly be used for slip casting. After the application of appropriate plasticizers they are also suitable for other molding technologies (e.g. extrusion, injection molding, tape casting).