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Ceramic Bodies
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Ballistic Protection
Chemical Industry
Electrical engineering / electronics
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Wear Protection
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Ceramic bodies GRANALOX® with a high alumina content made by Nabaltec are used in applications requiring the characteristics of α-Al2O3 (corundum), such as extreme hardness, high wear-resistance, good thermal stability, good electric insulating properties, thermal conductivity and corrosion-resistance.

Ceramic bodies with an aluminium oxide content (Al2O3) of 92 % - GRANALOX® NM 92.. - are mainly used for the manufacture of components for mechanical wear protection. The specific selection of optimized raw material systems helps to achieve wear-resistance levels which even exceed those of ceramics with a higher corundum content.

Ceramic bodies with an aluminium oxide (Al2O3) content of between 95 % and 98 % - GRANALOX® NM 96../98.. - are suited for a wide range of applications. On the one hand, the ceramic components on this basis feature a high chemical and mechanical stability, a good thermal shock resistance and excellent surface finishing, which is why these GRANALOX® products are the preferred basis for the manufacture of a wide range of machine components, seals and sealing rings.

On the other hand, the products also feature low electric conductivity and dielectric loss, combined with good mechanical resistance and heat conductivity, making them especially suitable for the manufacture of components for electrical engineering and electronics.

Due to their excellent mechanical properties, ceramic bodies made by Nabaltec with an aluminium oxide contents of between 96 % and 98 % are excellently suited for the production of high-quality components for ballistic protection.

The qualities of the GRANALOX® NM 99.. series satisfy highest demands regarding bending strength and hardness, thermal shock resistance and corrosion-resistance to acids and lyes.

Fields of application

NM 92.. 
wear-resistant ceramics, simple components for mechanical and electrical engineering

NM 96../ NM 98.. 
electrical insulating parts, metallizable ceramics, polishable machine components, chemically resistant components, ballistic armouring

NM 99..  
Engineering ceramics