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High performance which can be felt rather than seen

Nabaltec has two business divisions: Functional Fillers and Technical Ceramics. This form of organization consisting of two independent business sectors provides the basis for us to meet the individual requirements of our customers. In both business sectors, we are among the leading suppliers world-wide. Our products, which are developed and produced in response to very specific requirements are based on know-how, experience and the implementation of complex processes. This is how we offer users high performance which cannot always be seen with the naked eye, but which is tangible. In turn, this is why we enjoy a good reputation not only among our customers, but also among those whose quality of life and safety are enhanced by Nabaltec products. We give our customers comprehensive advice on the processing of our products and are also able to perform extensive analyses and testing services. To this effect, our Laboratory offers a large number of chemical and physical tests which are performed with comprehensive, modern equipment.

The mixture is the key

Based on aluminium hydroxide und magnesium hydroxide, we produce non-halogenated, flame-retardant and other functional fillers of the APYRAL® and APYMAG® brands to be blended with plastics and rubber. In particular, our customers include cable manufacturers and compounders, i.e. manufacturers of plastics compounds. Our products offer special advantages as regards processing and also considerable economic benefits, especially in case of high filling rates. Our non-halogenated, flame-retarding fillers are able to prevent or at least to retard the development and propagation of fire in an environmentally friendly manner. Some of our other functional fillers have a stabilizing effect on plastics and can act as substitute for heavy metals, others feature catalytic properties or support the pigmentation of plastics.

Our company is built on our competence

Nabaltec produces a large range of high-quality ceramic raw materials and ceramic bodies. In this field, too, we rely on our competence. Our ceramic raw materials are special aluminium oxides in different manufacturing qualities of the NABALOX® brand and synthetic sintered mullite SYMULOX® products. They are used in the refractory and polishing industries, but also in the manufacture of wear-resistant and electrical ceramics. Suppliers of high-quality machine components, spark plugs, high-voltage insulators and bioceramics use our products. Ceramic bodies of the GRANALOX® brand are particularly specialized basic materials for a wide range of applications. Moreover, we produce for our customers individual ceramic bodies in the form of granulates which are ready for processing. Whatever requirements we have to meet: our know-how and our experience enable us to equip granulates with extremely specific properties.