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The high-tech automotive sector is using synthetic ceramic raw materials to an ever more increasing extent. For many years, the automotive industry worldwide has been successfully relying on Nabaltec’s great consistency in quality, production and delivery. Specific hard as well as soft calcined oxides of the NABALOX® product range are used, for example, as defined friction value increasing raw material. Additionally influence this kind of fillers in the friction liner production positively the braking sound. Moreover, the friction liner’s thermal shock resistance is considerably improved, along with a reduction of the swelling property. Thus, asbestos has meanwhile been completely eliminated from friction liners. The properties of the oxides are increasingly tailored to the customer’s requirements.

This sector of the friction industry has meanwhile also become interested in Nabaltec's synthetic sintered mullites SYMULOX® M 72 and the ZrO2-containing variant Z 72. The homogeneous phase distribution and the very low amount of impurities offers considerable advantages over the naturally occurring alumosilicates. For this application area, SYMULOX® shows very good chemical uniformity, high temperature stability, and especially excellent thermal shock resistance. These advantages are mainly due to the intermeshing or, respectively, interlocking of the fine, only µm-sized crystallites of these mullites.

Mohs' hardness of SYMULOX® M 72 is approx. 7. The corresponding application quantity varies – depending on the desired coefficient of friction – between 3 and 10 % by weight. The thermal stability goes up at least to 1,800° C.

Moreover, numerous different NABALOX®-oxides – specifically produced for this purpose – are used in the area of car paint polishers, chrome polishers and glass polishers (see polishing oxides). The product range for the automotive industry of Nabaltec is supplemented by further oxide types for the spark pluck industry (see ceramic raw materials).