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Ideas generate dynamics

Questioning existing solutions, developing ideas, making suggestions and promoting the development of innovative products in cooperation with the users, i.e. our customers: that is our business philosophy. Aluminium hydroxide, aluminium oxide and other mineral raw materials are the basis for our success. We refine them into functional basic materials of an invariably high quality for numerous innovative applications. In doing so, it is the ideas that generate dynamics. That is one of the reasons why our innovative force enjoys international repute and has received several awards.

Dynamics means progress

Dynamics means progress and progress supports our customers: our functional fillers are added to plastics, giving them new properties and also offering advantages as regards processing. One of our strengths is production of flame-retardant fillers, i.e. fire protection. Fire protection that saves lives: that is what Nabaltec is known for. But we have also made a name for ourselves with our basic materials for technical ceramics, machine components, high-voltage isolators or pharmaceutical products. Ceramic raw materials and ceramic bodies are highly technological products with highly specialized properties in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Expansion is our target

Know-how, experience and the mastering of complex processes have turned us into one of the market leaders on the specialized global markets. Our company is built on our competence, and expansion is our target. In pursuing this target, we focus on the sectors where our special strengths lie. These are functional fillers and technical ceramics. Thus, we create added value for processing industries and contribute directly towards ensuring the quality of life and the safety for many people. Nabaltec is a multi-faceted company: the most important facets are to be found here on these pages. And we would like to give you an overview of our products, our employees and our ideas on how we want to shape the future successfully.

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